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WhatsApp Can Now Be Locked Using Face ID Or Touch ID


WhatsApp Can Now Be Locked Using Face ID Or Touch ID


Apple's Face ID and Touch ID can be used for a number of purposes, not ... These apps include banking apps, various retail apps and now you can set WhatsApp to as well. ... Unlock with FaceID/Touch ID to open WhatsApp".. Access to WhatsApps iOS app can now be protected using your phones biometric security. Depending on your iPhone model, youll get the option of using either Face ID or Touch ID to restrict access to the software. ... Although you cant secure your messages on a per-chat basis, the .... Lock WhatsApp with the company's latest update, allowing you to ... app which now allows you to lock the app using Face ID or Touch ID on your iPhone. ... iPhone X or greater model, you can set up Face ID lock for WhatsApp.... WhatsApp update lets you lock it with Face ID or Touch ID ... now lets you add a layer of biometric security using Apple's Face ID (if you have ... You can activate them by going into Settings, Account, Privacy and toggling the.... WhatsApp can now be protected by Face ID or Touch ID on iPhone ... The latest WhatsApp update, version 2.19.20, lets you protect the app with Face ID or ... You'll have the option to lock WhatsApp immediately, after one.... The added layer of security means you can be more comfortable letting ... Users can now choose to enable Face ID or Touch ID to securely keep the app ... Next, tap Account, then Privacy and tap the field titled Screen Lock. ... Though iPhones are already protected with biometric authentication, it's a nice.... WhatsApp now allows iPhone users to unlock the app with their face or fingerprint. ... the settings inside the app, then hit account, privacy, and screen lock. There, you can choose to activate Face ID or Touch ID, though of.... iOS users can now unlock WhatsApp using Face ID and Touch ID. The biometric capabilities were added in the latest update to the Facebook.... With version 2.19.20, iPhone and iPad users can now lock the app using their devices' biometric locksTouch ID or Face ID, depending on.... How to lock WhatsApp with your fingerprint (or face) on Android and iOS ... WhatsApp will rely on the system-based biometric authentication. ... The steps below describe how to enable this with Face ID; if you have Touch ID on your phone, the procedure is the same. ... Now, you're safe from peeping toms.. You can now require Face ID or Touch ID to unlock WhatsApp. ... While WhatsApp makes use of the respected Signal Protocol to protect users'.... You can still reply to messages from notifications and answer calls if the app is locked. In order to use Touch ID or Face ID, you'll need to have it enabled in iPhone.... WhatsApp said its app can now be locked with biometric security: Your ... WhatsApp rolled out support for Touch ID and Face ID, adding an.... This means that one can now lock WhatsApp and protect it using Face ID or Touch ID. Given how popular the app has become in Europe, UAE,.... Users with a fingerprint sensing Home button on their iPhones will see an option to Require Touch ID instead. With the Face ID/Touch ID toggle.... The latest WhatsApp update for iOS has added the ability to lock the app using Face ID or Touch ID. Since iOS itself locks a native app locking.... You can now require Face ID or Touch ID to unlock WhatsApp. Tap Settings > Account > Privacy and enable Screen Lock. Previously.... WhatsApp can now be locked down with Face ID on Apple's newest iPhones, allowing users of the instant messaging service to secure their.... To turn the feature on, go to Settings > Account > Privacy and enable Screen Lock. When it's on, you'll need to use Touch ID or Face ID to unlock.... Whatsapp's latest update for iPhone users brings support for Face ID and ... WhatsApp users with iPhones can now add an extra layer of security on ... for locking and unlocking the application through Face ID and Touch ID. fc1714927b
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